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The SM2 App

The only Video App with a prompt Save/Delete feature and Stabilization toggle switch for attachment lenses!

Being able to shoot, edit , and post 4k videos all from your iPhone is amazing. Getting the message “Cannot Record Video” while filming is not. I can’t say how many times that message has wrecked one of my shots. You can always try to delete videos as you go. But that is a pain going back and forth between filming and deleting clips in the camera roll. This usually causes me to accidentally delete one of the good ones and all is lost.

Cannot Record Message on iPhone

What if you could immediately decide after filming a clip, to either “Save” the video to your camera roll or “Delete” it from your phone? This feature would solve your Low Storage issue  and would also eliminate the burdensome task of sorting through clips at the end of the day. This is just one of the unique key features in the design of the SM2App. By saving only the clips you want, not only are you keeping your storage usage down, you are also stream lining your editing process.

save and delete feature for video recording sm2 app

What about those after market Lens attachments for your phone’s camera?


They look cool for photos but if you try to film with them, there is this weird, shaky effect. That is because there is no way to turn off your phone’s camera stabilization causing this wavy shaky effect. The SM2 App has solved this problem to by installing an ON/OFF toggle switch feature on the apps preview (lower left corner).

how to turn the stabilization off on a iPhone's camera

By having this feature, you will be able to switch between a long shot and a fisheye lens with ease and come out with perfect video footage.

iphone camera stabilization switch

How to use - 

SAVE/DELETE window - After you stop recording, a window screen will pop up asking you to either “Save” the video clip to the camera roll or “Delete” it. 

ON/OFF Toggle Switch - For long shots, turn the toggle switch to “ON” (green indicates on) and “OFF” when using a attachment lens like a Fisheye or our SM1 or SM2Lens.  

STORE LINK Logo - The logo on the bottom right is a hyper link to the Skidmark Store which contains camera equipment for your iPhone.

Download the app here

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Thank You Skateboarding

I would like to take this time to say that skateboarding has truly changed my life for the better and I am forever grateful and blessed to have gotten this far. The SM2App is a “Product of Skateboarding”, but the best part is that everybody can benefit from this app. Special thanks to Casey Meyer and Jeff Cathers from CM Software for helping with the development of the #SM2App.

Why is this great app for Free you may ask? I am giving this app away because I want the whole world to use it!  Whether you are a world renowned videographer or a beginner just trying to make an Instagram clip, with this SM2App, you can now make great videos with ease, using the unique features of this app. 

For more support use the "Messenger" button on the bottom right of your screen and I will get back to you as soon as I can.