Skate Crime was born form the idea that, since the beginning, we have had to do whatever it takes to skate! The beginning for me was 1974. Right about the time pool skating was discovered and there was a drought on. Jumping fences, renting pumps, emptying pools and running from cops and homeowners was the norm. Throughout the years every school yard, church, bank, curb, ledge or rail it seemed, had someone who didn't want us there. I even taught my kids, at a young age, that trespassing, running and hiding from authority figures was OK. Even now, with every town in the country having a nice, shinny, state of the art skate park, the urge to seek out new and uncharted terrain runs deep in every skaters blood. The bottom line is: If it’s skate-able then the skating of it is BOUND TO HAPPEN!


It’s time for crime…SKATE CRIME


Our graphics are as simple as our message: Just Skate.

Our wood, which we get through Clutch Distribution, is simply the best in the business.

100% American made hardwood from the Great Lakes area

100% Skater owned and operated.