Skidmark drop pin contest

Beginning February 1st, Skidmark will be starting its first of many Instagram contests called Drop Pin.

The Drop Pin contest works like this: We pick a city or general area, then select 5 skate spots in that area. We post each location in an instagram video. The Drop Pin contest is open to anybody who wants to come to the city or town that is picked. 

How to Play:

Skaters will have 1 month total to get a trick at all 5 spots. All five spots will be announced within the first two weeks.

The number of days for a Drop Pin contest depends on the number of days in the month of the contest. For example, the first contest will start Feruary 1st 2016, so the time limit will be 29 days. In those 29 days, the skater has to get a trick at all five spots and post their video before the end of the day, February 29th P.S.T.

Submitted videos must be posted to Instagram and of the same person at all 5 spots and no longer than 15 seconds total. 

Video parts must be posted using the hashtags #DropPin(City/Area) We will be having the first Drop Pin contest in Santa Cruz, CA. So the hash tag for the first contest will be #DropPinSantaCruz 
A winner will be chosen by Skidmark for the $500. There will also be prizes for 2nd 3rd and worst slam.

The first spot will be revealed February 1st and the other 4 spots will be revealed within the following next two weeks on Instagram. Videos must be posted before 10:00 pm February 29th PST, to win.

This contest will be the first of many in 2016. We have already talked to multiple skateshops who would like to host a Skidmark Drop Pin contest in their area.

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