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About Us

A Brief History:

Skidmark’s first issue was printed in Livermore California in March 2010. At a Kinkos near highway 580 (right by McDonalds). One of the founders Mike O. was laid off from work during the 2008 recession. He went from working full time to not working barley at all but thank God Obama had recently got into office and the unemployment was coming in. A computer was brought into the house because of a girlfriend that recently moved in.  A pirated version of PSD was loaded onto the computer and away they went. Mike helped sell skateboards for a friend in Auburn Washington called Marrada Skateboards. This helped create business relationships with Skateshops in the area such as Street Science and 6 Twenty One.  




Mike sold boards to those Skateshops and got a few local kids in Livermore on the team. One of the kids was Jake Crawly who would help start the Magazine. One day Jake came over to Mike's house and wanted to start a little Skate Zine but the two where already thinking alike because Mike had somehow figured out how to load a photo into the computer and get a header name onto the image. A few really rough mock covers files were opened up. The few covers were the same photo of Cal Walker (the other team rider) hitting a hip at the Livermore park. The layouts were the same but the difference between the files was the name of the new zine. Jake and Mike sat down drank a few beers went through the files then narrowed it down to "Toilet Paper" and "Skidmark". 


Cal Walker Blasting the hip at the Livermore Park. This is the Cover for Skidmark #1.  Photo by Vinnie Termini 


Mike wanted to name the mag Toilet Paper because it was the name of his favorite zine growing up in Bonney Lake Washington. A Skateshop out of Auburn Washington called Outhouse was putting out the Toilet Paper zine. Outhouse was making Toilet Paper almost monthly. He collected the issues as a kid and still has them today.  A call was made to the old owner, even though the shop had now been closed for 10 years. He still wanted permission for the name Toilet Paper. A voicemail was left but no return call was made from the owner John Williams. (that was standard Johnny behavior). So Jake said “Fuck it, it’s pretty much the same thing” and the mag went to print as Skidmark. The first several issues had toilet paper graphics on the cover to commemorate the old zine and Outhouse Skateshop. 

 This is a photo of a uncut Outhouse sticker that we still have.

Toilet Paper #9 Outhouse Skateshop

 Toilet Paper #9 from our collection

There is a lot more details and stuff that happened to this story. The Ramp inside Street Science that Mike and Brad McClain Designed, The Legendary Man Am contest and a whole lot more but I pretty sure non of you give a shit anyway so they will be left out for now. Maybe someday all the names and details will appear somewhere.

The First Organized Skate Contest by Skidmark. Search Youtube for the hidden video


Where we at today:

Skidmark Magazine is still going strong! We print 6 issues a year have a digital app that is available for your smart device. We try to take the best things we love in skateboarding and bring them into every issue. January 2014 Skidmark was invited to open a office inside the legendary 131 building in Santa Cruz, California. The 131 Building is the home of Broprints Screen printing, Consolidated Skateboards, Skateworks and Meeksterbrau. So much Skateboard history is in this building. Looking around you see old printed punk posters stickers from the 80's the giant Cube on the wall where the Consolidated ramp use to be. 

Birdo and Aaron raddest dudes ever! If you want stuff printed go to the best!

Having the Skidmark office there was really the only goal that was set for the Magazine. So from here on out everything is a bonus. I want to say thank you so much to all the Subscribers and supports of Skidmark. All you kids and adults who come to the events support our advertisers. The Skateshops for getting the mag out there and selling the products advertised in Skidmark. It really is a group effort of everyone working together. Thank you so much!


The bigest influences to Skidmark Magazine:

Outhouse Skateshop R.I.P "Outhouse Screenprinting"

Howard Stern "The Howard Stern Show"

Big Brother Magazine R.I.P 

Thrasher Magazine