Noping The Shop's Skateboarder Bingo

Noping The Shop's Skateboarder Bingo

words and video by Jon Hanks

Ah, summertime in the Pacific Northwest-beautiful weather, adventures galore, tasty treats...and Skateboarder Bingo. That's right, Skateboarder Bingo.

The esteemed shredders and all around nice dudes at Noping the Shop in Olympia, WA put together a super fun skating/filming/adventuring contest to stoke and inspire adventure, laughter and perhaps a little mischief amongst its participants.

Skateboarder Bingo is a relatively simple concept: beginning July 1, participants perform various tricks, tasks and scenarios as prescribed by a B-I-N-G-O card provided by the shop. The first three participants to get a row of BINGO receive(d) prizes and the first player to black out the whole card not only wins the grand prize, but also likely had one hell of a summer! Participants must of course document their progress on instagram using the tags #skateboarderbingo and @nopingtheshop. 

I decided to do a card myself, if only for the fun of doing it and creating an edit. So I cruised down to Olympia to get myself a card. After bullshitting at the shop for a bit and picking up some new wheels and bearings, it was off to Yauger Park to pick up 10 pieces of trash. When I showed up at the park I was recognized via the SM1Handle I was using to document my trash gathering, by none other than Olympia skate scene fixture and skidmark supporter Ben DeShaw. Ben was good enough to both skate and film a bit to help me give the Oly square in my BINGO row a little thrash to go with the trash.

I spent the next few days working on my BINGO card. I snuck into a boatyard, did some skitchin', checked out a worthy rock show by Monsterwatch and FLRT that afforded me the opportunity to skate in a mosh pit, and finally met my guy, Court Hoffman at the mall to film some more stunts, the culmination of which was an epic mall grab right in front of Zumies. (There was actually a dude coming out of Zumies full on mall grabbing while I was walking by and he was reasonably perplexed as I skated off down the mall's promenade).



 *This article was supposed to come out a week ago. The original version was accidentally erased due to the author's ineptitude. The game of BINGO may in fact be finished at the time of this writing, or the grand prize for a full blackout may be still be up for grabs--but it really doesn't matter. The dudes at Noping have given us a template for a summer of stoke. Get out there and fill out some squares, make some friends and raise some hell. You could be one letter away from winning a prize or one hill bomb away from the best summer of your life.


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