How to Hydro Dip Your Trucks

How to Hydro Dip Your Trucks

In this video, I will show you how to put Cheetah Print on your trucks.


Step 1. Disassemble Trucks

Step 2. Scratch up trucks with Scotch Brite

Step 3. Scratch up area you want the pattern to stick to with Grip Tape

Step 4. Wu-Tang!

Step 5. Rinse off trucks with soap and water

Step 6. Dry off Trucks

Step 7. Primer Trucks

Step 8. Cut out film for dipping

Step 9. Heat up water to 90 degrees

Step 10. Place cheetah print in water

Step 11. Let soak for 60 sec

Step 12. Hit with activator 

Step 13. Dip your trucks

Step 14. Rinse off trucks and remove tape

Step 15. Let trucks dry

Step 16. Clear coat and grind


Supplies Needed:

Here is the kit I used. I called them and switched out the "Alligator" film for Cheetah.


Wu-Tang Piano Cover:


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