Pic of the week - Seminary set with DePaul Madigan

We've been looking at this 8, and actually a half, stair set located near Downtown Reno for some time. There are a few really old houses on this street. This walk way is particularly old and run down. The landing even worse. Even the highest mm or softest durometer wheel would have a hard time absorbing these aged divot holes DePaul Madigan had to land on. Another challenge was this Mitsubishi Eclipse that was always parked right at the landing. We checked a few times a week for about three months, until finally, for what ever reason, the Eclipse was parked a little up the street. So we all rallied up and got to this old set before it got too dark. We had to, this narrow path of old concrete need to be skated. I'm sure in it's old age it's seen and endured almost everything. Now being skated on has been added to it's bucket list. With a short run up DePaul got the ollie but not without many divot hole landing and stop dead lunge forward attempts to the street. We finally got what we had, for a while now, set out to do.- Kyle Volland
DePaul Madigan conquering the crete, while Beatrice Lemos makes it legit with the iPhone footy.

Dues paid in full. The landing may have won some of the battles, but DePaul finally won the war.

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