Red Curbs Go Skateboarding Day 2015

The Red Curbs skateshop, in Fremont, CA had a GSD event. The plan was to meet up at the shop at noon, then have everyone skate over to the Fremont Skatepark for a skate session/BBQ.

Eddie Reeves films Bacon in a session in the back parking lot

June 21 was also Father's Day this year, so it all works out if your dad or son skates.

Skating to the skatepark

What could be more skateboarding than getting your event kicked out of the picnic area as soon as you arrive at the skatepark?

This was the beginning of what will be known as "the great hot dog riot of 2015"

Jakob - feeble

Mitchell Yoshikawa - heelflip to backside 50/50 on the hubba

Ariel Torres - Front krook

Arion Alesna hardflipping the steps

Burrito biting boardslide attempt

Jakob exits, stage right.

Anthony - FS Ollie.

Bacon - alley-oop FS 5-0 grind

Felix - FS ollie, Mr. T stylee

Lito - FS air tweak

Dylan - Showing the "more bean, less plant" style of bean plant.

Great event - Thanks to Red Curbs for throwing the event and feeding everyone and thanks to everyone who came out and skated.



Thank You!! My little guy had a blast hanging out! Great job :)


Been sick for a week now. . Tried to hang as long as we could. My son was bummed we missed it. …next year!


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