Behind the scenes: Gnarly 22 Stair 50-50 With Olivier Lucero

Seeing a gnarly trick in a video part is awesome but does the 5-10 second cuts do the job for you. If not than here in the new behind the scenes segment you can see the whole battle that it took to get that trick. Olivier Lucero is known for jumping onto the gnarliest rails and as seen here you will see gnarly 50-50 he does on this 22 stair rail. I also got to catch up with olivier and ask him some questions about that night. Enjoy!

Whats up Olivier what are you up to these days?
Not much man, just been putting out as many parts and skating as many contests as I can.
Sick dude! What's the most recent contest you skated?
I just skated the First Ever, Annual Spyder Cup Pro Am Invitational in Atlanta, GA last weekend (June 13-14)
Awesome! What are your current sponsors?
I currently ride for TMDK Skateboards, Filament Brand Footwear, Stone Wheels, Frenemy Clothing, Trinity Holistic Cannabis, Rooftop Skateboarding, Pop Headwear, and Utility Board Shop.
I've seen some of the gnarly rails you've done and I must ask, why do you like to skate big rails?
Haha, I remember as a kid when I watched skate videos, when someone did a big rail, it was like the craziest thing. To me at least. But, my 3 favorite skaters are Jamie Thomas, Shane Cross, & Heath Kirchart, so watching their stuff all the time , I just wanted know how it felt to do something that big.
Sick! Most importantly how did you feel after rolling away from this rail?
So relieved. Haha. I didn't really even want to skate it that night because I had just rolled my ankle pretty bad earlier that day and could barely ollie. But I had to get it before I left to ATL, so I just went for it. 
Hell yeah dude thanks for your time!
Anytime. Thank you

Interview by Razy Faouri

Video by Chris Park


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