Film Friday Daze

Every other friday we pick a roll of film and pick the best 5-10 images and show you guys. This roll was shot on a little trip to Los Angeles on a saturday. We just decided to leave pomona for the day and go hit up some parks in La and chill. I brought my little olympus 120 zoom and just snapped photos all day, Enjoy!

Started the day of here.

My friend Phoenix Krebs with a hard flip.

Whats up mix!

We ended up here

This place was so packed!

Let me know if you see the piss drunkz.

The food was so good! but you couldn't leave without a food pic.

Peace out phillipes!

China Town was chill

Peace out LA! See you next time.


This roll was shot by razy faouri if you'd like to be featured email me at

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