Eswic team demo & signing

Stix Rideshop and Eswic teamed up for a demo and signing.  The team started of the day with a signing at the stix redcap location in claremont ca. After that the team headed down to panoramas skatepark in pomona ca. 

Dakota Servold starts it off with a 360 flip on the double set.

Leo Romero and a fan.

Corey Glick warms things up with a lip slide.

 Leo with a proper feeble.

Patrick Ryan with a smith, This dude rips!

Cairo Foster comes through with a nose grind on the 10 rail.

The man himself was there too, Jimmy Arrighi.

Corey Glick with a proper kick flip over the rail.

Leo finished it off with a gnarly 180.


Photos by Derrick Gerlach


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