Van's Pool Party 2015

The 10th anniversary Vans Pool Party was held Saturday at the combi bowl at Vans Skatepark in Orange, California. Each skater of every division- Legends, Masters and Pro- displayed an individual style as unique as their own fingerprints. All attacked the bowl with gladiator brutality to compete for a portion of the prize purse that totaled $127,900. Pedro Barros autographed the anniversary celebration by making history as the first skater to air over the peninsula and make the transfer from the square to round bowl. The crowd exploded in boisterous cheer. It was everyone's win.

Thanks to Vans for holding this amazing event. Thank you Steve Van Doren and congratulations on your induction to the Skateboarding Hall of Fame as an icon award recipient. Thank you Kristy Van Doren-Batson, Mario Bonavetura, Kathy Miranda and the Vans staff for all of your hard work. 



1st Tom Schaar

2nd Chris Russell

3rd Pedro Barros


1st Chris Miller

2nd Steve Caballero

3rd Eric Nash


1st Bruno Passos

2nd Stephen Revord

3rd Darren Navarette


Pedro Barros

Chris Russell

Tom Schaar

Chris Miller

Steve Caballero

Eric Nash

Andy MacDonald

Christian Hosoi

Cory Juneau

Steve Alba

Jim Gray

Eddie Elguera

Duane Peters

Omar Hassan



M. McCabe

What Heidi said. Eleventy11!

M. McCabe
Heidi Lemmon

Great shots!

Heidi Lemmon

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