Amanda Rose Ecker - Model PROfiled

Amanda Rose Ecker - Model PROfiled - Skidmark Magazine #30

Mike O: You're absolutely stunning, what do you do to stay in such great shape? 
Amanda: To be honest, I don't work out as much as one would think. I just do morning yoga and walk pretty much everywhere LOL
Mike O: What was it like being attacked by ticks during the photo shoot? 
Amanda: I think you guys were more concerned with them than I was hahaha 
Mike O: How was it working with The Josh Becker?
Amanda: Josh is a super rad dude, really fun & easy to shoot with! I mean you guys did bring Jameson to the shoot so of course it was fun 
Mike O: What do you do for fun?
Amanda: There are some things I probably shouldn't mention but I always enjoy going to the beach, surfing, painting and taking Polaroids. 
Mike O: All time favorite Skateboarder?
Amanda: I hate you for putting this in here...... I guess you could say my ex Taylor Bingaman.. Even though I can't stand him anymore I still really enjoy watching him shred. 
Mike O: Ya he rips. How long have you been a professional model?
Amanda: I'm going on the fourth year of my hustle LOL
Mike O: I think I could be a plus size model? Any suggestions on how to get into the business?
Amanda: Mike, I think you could model bikinis and kill it! However the business for plus size modeling is actually becoming "bigger" no pun intended.. Head shots, a nice smile and determination is all you need.
Mike O: Alright I will getting working on my head shots and smile. Now a math question. If a passenger train leaves Boston traveling at a rate of speed of a hundred miles and hour and a cargo train leaves Los Angeles at 85 miles an hour what city would they pass each other in? 
Amanda: Dude... Is this a real question? I failed all my math classes in high school 

Mike O: What was the weirdest shoot you ever did?

Amanda: Weirdest.... Well I'm weird, but one time I was shooting fetish work and had a plastic bag over my head & body then the photographer duct taped it around my body.. No lie had a freak out and he had to cut a hole in the back of the bag. 
Mike O: Did you call the cops? Do you need me to call the cops?
Amanda: haha no I knew what I was getting myself into. It's good to know your limits then surpass them 
Mike O: Do other women hate you because your so beautiful? 
Amanda: You should ask them.... I don't really care if people hate me, cause I'm happy :) 
Mike O: Do you refer to them as sub-humans, because they were dealt such a crappy hand of genes? 
Amanda: No everyone is equal in my eyes... However I don't hangout with many ugly people 
Mike O: Is it true if you don't use it you loose it?
Amanda: What a thinker question this is LOL Yeah in terms of talent or knowledge I think this applies. Don't waste what you were given. 
Thank you Amanda for letting me ask you some ridiculous questions!
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Amanda Rose Ecker - Model PROfiled - Skidmark Magazine #30

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You look great Rose ?❤️


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