Reno Groms Ramp Jam 3

The 3rd annual Grom Ramp Jam was another successful event put on by Don and his son Wade Walters. In a few years Don may have to make the jam 18+ because the Groms are growing up. You can see the progression as they all still managed to make it out for the third year. A good time was had, as always, to the people the come out to hang with our host. "There was a lot of support this year and it makes me look forward to the 4th annual. Thanks to all of you who showed up and made it so fun. Thanks for being there really, a solid Session" Don Walters.
Wade Walters BS air from extension Shot! by Huntsman
Another angle of Wade Walters getting his BS air photo Kyle Volland

Wouldn't be a Ramp Jam with Don throwing in a few inverts. photo Kyle Volland
A full house with new additions to the ramp. Shot! by Huntsman
Cooper Serafini, for a while now, has gone from grom status to straight killing it. photo Kyle Volland
Another angle of Cooper's tuck knee. Shot! by Huntsman

Peyton Wilson has been killing it every year too and throws out tricks surprising everyone. Shot! by Huntsman
Alva boneless on to the extension. photo Kyle Volland
Jamey Linker comes from a Skateboard family. Shot! by Huntsman!
Skate Church local Jack June can skate with the best of the groms and getting it on any transition. photo Kyle Volland
Special guests DePaul Madigan and Colin Grover always coming out and skating. photo Kyle Volland
DePaul Madigan snaking the young ones when he gets a chance. Shot! by Huntsman
What kind of Jam would it be with out some boards and stickers thrown out. Courtesy of Environment and Cteam skateboards. photo Kyle Volland
Wade Walters and Mr. Dan Stephens taking a pic for someone. Shot by Huntsman!
Oh! They're taking a pic for Don and Dan spreading the love. photo Don Walters

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Donny Walters

Its all about the gathering , camaraderie and mainly the young rippers our area getting together and having a bad ass Session with good music , bbq and freinds and thats how it goes down every year. Alot of talent here , Carry on young soldiers .

Donny Walters

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