LE Best Trick Contest

LE and active have teamed up to throw a contest at the famous chino 4 block. There was free pizza and free gear for all of the locals. LE is known for the contest they have thrown in the past and this one go's in the books forsure!

The Calm Before the storm.

There was tons of pizza!

Never can turn down free pizza.

Sinner arrives on the scene to get it all started.

The product has arrived!

The crowd progressively gets bigger as people start warming up.

Chino local comes through with a 360 flip.

Kyle Walker and Gregory Wilson and Greg won that board with a nollie back heel!

Tony Tave does a solid nollie inward heel of the big section.

Boneless like a champ.

David Loy on the mic.

Hard flip by local chino ripper!

Dominick Walker with beast frontside flip!

Local ripper diondre does a insane switch heel flip.

He came up on 2 boards!

Thats a wrap!

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