Yes, Skateboarding

You know, a funny thing happens when you're nice to people. Especially when coming from a ragtag group of skateboarders, people don't know quite how to respond to politeness and reason when they aren't already expecting it. Most of the time, they are forced to take a moment and think about why they're mad in the first place. Sometimes they'll just go on being angry for no reason, but quite often, it's the difference between the boot and 15 more minutes of skating. And more often than not, that 15 will turn into 45 real quick-like. We are all ambassadors of skateboarding, and owe it to ourselves to be reasonable people. But enough jibber jabber, on with the show.

Two days ago, in a galaxy encompassing our solar system, BTF and Tony are on it as per usual
Tony Potenti ollies up and over to get the ol' legs going
T'aint no thang. Moses Salazar hops the bar for double the pleasure and double the fun
I guess he really took that sign to heart
I was ready
But I wasn't ready
Joe Sudduth is a symp pimp
Consolidated security came to give us the boot, but he didn't even want to.
Caught in the wild taking selfies
Telltale sign of a 90's baby. Suck it!
The valley heat is real
There's no skateboarding here either, and he doesn't care at all
Nasty did three of these. Or 4. They were all perfect.
NMJCU? Angel Pimentel
Schuyler Rickets with an extra pointy fakie flip while battling a full on allergy attack. That shit aint easy!
Pig the pug means business
Uh oh. Bob's getting a hardy boy for the VX again.
Craig Romey has a really good kickflip too
Nothing like a tramp sesh to end the day. Adam Pimentel goes full starfish


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