Back to Australia & the ABC Part 1

After the mayhem of Wellington Bowlarama I flew into Sydney on Wednesday & met up with 'The Samoan' Nathan Trew and went to Waterloo skate park in the city. He was pulling off some unusual moves as he does.

Samoa, Waterloo Skate Park Mini Ramp

We picked up Sky Siljeg from the airport Thursday morning  & went out to the Blue Mountains west of Sydney to checkout scenery, but it was fully overcast and couldn't see shit from the lookout over the mountains so skated a couple of local parks. Sick seeing Sky and Samoa mixing it up, 2 unconventional rollers.

Samoa, Sky & Jen checking out nothing at all in the Blue Mountains.

Sky Nose Boned Melon early release

Thursday night we traveled up 150 miles north of Sydney to Newcastle for the start of the Australian Bowlriders Comp, the start of the pro tour this year.

Friday morning we hit BAR Beach Bowl, my 1st time there and the scene was nothing like Wellington's chaos, we were down to business, like a hybrid of pro comp and family outing with a lot of families supporting their kids up there from a young age, groms & their families were everywhere, many from overseas too, with many young pros coming over.

Head Judge Sasha Steinhorst telling Cory Juneau to cut his shit out or he's going home.

Trey Wood 1st time to Australia. Nose Bone over the hip at BAR Beach.

Josh Rodriguez Bluntslide through the corner.

 It was boiling hot at Newcastle & I was walking like John Wayne by the end of the 1st night there, was time to get wasted and crash my ass out on a floor, a long time to go on the tour this summer...

Sky Siljeg Smith Grind Speeding through the corner.

Brian Patch came back again, shredding as usual.



Next Week the BAR Beach ABC...








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