New Zealand Trip & Bowl-A-Rama '15 Part 2

Bowl-A-Rama Wellington was on and off and on and off & was only announced a few days before the event, because of that hardly any tourist showed. There was Pat Njoho & maybe 1 other from the States & a few Aussies had come over the Tasman to New Zealand, part from that it was all New Zealanders. 

Dan Kelcher the master of inverts from the South.

It might of seemed like a disaster, but a crew of Christchurch skaters came up with us to Wellington, creating a different dimension to it and even more chaos than other years. Bong water was drank, naked mad men were seen running in the middle of the city, backpackers were avoided by management and skaters congregated with limitless amounts intoxicants every night, bars were invaded with free beer tickets. The Shit Was On! Madder than ever! & that was just the partying, not the shredding going on at the bowl.

Bowman Hansen (Overall Winner & Best Run Winner) with head of the Christchurch party crew Tim Thomson.

By the Friday all the riders were in Wellington that were coming, including legends of Kiwi skateboarding Lee Ralph and Spittle. I hooked up with Morph and took a few of him blasting over the hip into the shallow end with hardly any transition


Josh "Morph" Malthus goin' massive to the shallow.

 Comp day came & no one was smoother or as big as Bowman Hansen & Dan Kelcher was doing inverts, bonelesses & sweepers that'd make 80's skaters cry. Sean Bouncer was doing the gnarly tricks taking out the best trick with a 360 body jar. Only cloud on the day was Morph attempting a 360 boneless into the deep end to brake his other shoulder after the other had just recovered.

 Bow-A-Rama Wellington '15 was the best so far because of the fun had an awesome weekend.

Bowman back smith over the waterfall.

Lee Ralph Layback with both back wheels sliding on the coping.

Tim Thomson barefoot flanging it in the Lee Ralph impersonation comp.


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