The Coop

The Coop.
"It's amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit". The original ramp was in Kings Beach, nicknamed "Gridward". Dean Pranin gave it to us. We brought it down one trailer at a time, 3years ago. Pat Jerome was tearing down his ramp that had a corner built by Matt Hightower that he gave that to us. Boozer Daly gave all the pool coping he hand poured himself. I'm a plumber by trade so I was able to nab a shit load of material, screws, 2x4's, signs, etc. from job sites. The name "The Coop" came from the chicken coop I have and the whole thing reminded us of a bunch of Roosters rufflin feathers and shredding. We built the hip to the corner one piece at a time and it's hard as shit to skate. It's a recycled, reused, repurposed masterpiece. Rough, bumpy and hard to skate. We didn't spend a dime until the fresh layer of masonite and the bricks in the corner. Too many folks have helped out along the way. Nick Stamos, Tom Bursill, Ernie Peachay, Matty Jost, Brian and Cole Valles, Toby Riley, are just a few. There is something to be said for the backyard paradise that is the mini ramp. We've had so many different sessions, Halloween costume jams, summer BBQ's where 40 people show, Stamos ' birthday party when it was just plywood, quiet ones with 5 old friends and my dog Julia spilling your beer to steal it's frothy contents. The damn thing is a Hot Tub Time Machine! Taking you back to a simpler time when there wasn't street skating or bowl trolls, just skateboarding. I'm honored to have been host to so many rad gatherings of the WHOLE Reno, Truckee and Tahoe skate community. We've got the sickest shit going on....Leave your insecurities at the door, bring some beers and food and you gotta get a frontside slasher on the bricks. When you come to Reno look us up! Hope to see you soon... Text Marcus Alford
The Coop commander Marcus Alford. Shot! by Huntsman
Justin Hackel BS pre-masonite disaster. photo Dane Haman
Mitch Haight FS grab over the photo bomb. Thanks Matty! photo Kyle Volland

Clips from the Coop by Shaun D
Shaun D FS rock before the pool coping was cemented in. photo Dane Haman
Patrick Jerome evening sesh FS grab. Shot! by Huntsman
Jordan Mullen smith grind. photo Dan Haman
David Hall shredding it up as always BS grab. photo Kyle Volland
The Coop commander Marcus Alford fakie rock. photo Dane Haman
Matty Jost 5050 grind. Shot! by Huntsman
Adam Heywood tore up the place. Shot! by Huntsman
Tom Bursill gets the blunt to 5-0. photo Kyle Volland
Joey Praninski FS 5050. Shot! by Huntsman
Crail all style, Mitch Haight. photo Kyle Volland
Nathan Algeria BS ollie. photo Dan Haman
Boozer Daly invert. photo Dane Haman
Mitch Haight seatbelt smith. photo Dane Haman
The Coop commander Marcus Alford corner grind. photo Dan Haman
Chaos. photo Dan Haman
Marcus and Julia. photo Dan Haman
The Coop. photo Dane Haman

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