A trip down the Guadalupe

 Come with me, and you'll see, all the spots... along the Guadalupe. Feel free to hum accordingly in the manner of one Gene Wilder as we embark upon this wondrous journey into the filth and the grime of San Jose. You know, the good stuff.

Nothing like some DIY ground to get the legs going.
Greg Harbour - Crail Jam
Patient footy review. Greg and Casey film each other regularly.
Casey gets in there with a 5-0 jam
Fresh Assault stick and all. Greg looking solid on a front board jam
Casey - no comply jam. No comprendo.
A quick stop at this place where Casey further lacked compliance and your humble narrator forced a kickflip
So, this thing?
These banks are super fun. Don't fall in needles though
Matched, right away!
Back teezy
Unbeknownst to him, Casey was paying homage to one Leeland Goldberg with this blunt 270.
This backside flip concludes today's tour. Come back anytime.
Thanks everyone for checkin' this out!


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