The art of the Impromptu Session

It's not often that I find myself in Santa Cruz these days, but last weekend was a welcome opportunity to check out the new Skidmark office, and naturally, I sought out the local session. After shredding the Santa Cruz park with Skids' head honcho, I ran into Branden Howard who was just getting off his shift at Skate Works and aching for a session himself. One does not simply say no to a golden hour session in Santa Cruz.

Branden, or B-Lo, going FSA straight out the gate
Melon over the double cone
Noseblunt pop in
Nollie Noseblunt
Casey meyer showed up fully hyped, and went straight for the 270 lip
Proper form, B-Lo, Proper form
Getting dark, time to get it!
Casey - Fakie stale
Branden bites off one last piece of the proverbial pie with a nollie to flat

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