New Zealand Trip & Bowl-A-Rama '15 Part 1

New Zealand trip started with traveling to Christchurch in the South to see family friends and to check out Washington Skate Park, a new massive park, features including a combi pool with cradle, half pipe with 4ft extensions, a taco and least 10 hand rails sets of stairs and ledges.

John Routledge Nosebone, Washington Combi Pool.

Met up with 'Morph' Josh Malthus on the Friday, hadn't seen him for yonks and never in his home country, but before I could take a pic a freak storm went through wreaking out late session at Washington. We got back to Troy Newton's in Bromley and it started clearing, Morph got us to go to a local mini as a double rainbow appeared, so a mafd photo sesh went down with the rainbow and a sunset with clouds creating a deathly orange sky.

Morph Stalefish Double Rainbow

On the Saturday I went to a local comp at St Albans Mini Ramp, some rad skaters, but I met Troy Tapara, a sick street skater bangin' down some mad flips and was popping his board bloody high, even off a pissy little 1ft launch ramp, if you could call it that.

Troy Tapara Big Ol' Ollie Off A 1Ft Ramp

The weather was stinking hot all the time I was in Christchurch, rare for this town not far from the Antarctic, so sessions were at night, also because everyone is working on the re-build after a few massive quakes flattened the city, so all the skaters were even more stoked when the 1st public facilities was a skate park.

Shaka Wareta Grinding The Half Pipe Extension

I brought over 2 skaters from Australia, Matt Fenton & Adam Scarf, they flew over 4 days before Wellington and Bowl-A-Rama to check out the new park, meet the locals and see the mess that is post quake Christchurch. Matt and Adam were blown away by its massiveness and by the combi with cradle. They also meet the mad locals who'd travel with us to Wellington, and then the real chaos would start...

Matt Fenton Ollie Up To Nose Manual.

Adam Scarf Boardsliding The Taco.

Before we knew it the short trip to Christchurch was over and we were in Wellington with the local crew from Christchurch it was gonna be insane. Down at the bowl Mike Bancroft was shredding on his re-issue 1980's Tony Hawk, Dan Kelcher from Washington Skate Park was doing every invert in the book and Bowl-A-Rama was on again!

Mike Bancroft On His Old Skool Hawk, Smith In The Shallow.

Dan Kelcher Inverted Waitangi Bowl Wellington New Zealand.

Next Week Bowl-A-Rama Wellington...




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