Life and Other Drugs

Skateboarding is the best drug in the world. Not only is the act itself free, the high is directly proportionate to you own efforts, and there are no adverse side affects - unlike that bottle of anti-depressants which will actually make you want to kill yourself. It's truly the gift that keeps on giving.
Let's begin with this sight of a happy human being. Nick Frink is high as fuck on life.
Seems to be contagious too - Stephen Phillips caught the stoke.
Back at Soma, Brian's griptape says that I suck. Luckily for me, I don't give a shit. Noseblunt slide
Smith grind
Crailslide over the door
Shotty in the Skatemobile on the way to...
This place. Andrew Langi throws a serious dangler at Potrero. Madonna tail smack in the deep. Yup, it's a land
Brian going ham once again... had to do it - I'm a fuckin dork. Tucknee
Meanwhile, on less forgiving ground, Desmond Billie sends an impossible into what looks like sandpaper
Oh, more griptape to land on? It's prime.
He don't mind doe
By the light of the night, Joe Sudduth 3 flips to kick off a line as Bob the Filmer does what he does best.
Joe tests out a fresh coat of wax with a noseslide in the wee hours. Watch out for this guy - things are in the works
But still, doe.



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