Daily Dose - A brief session at the Daly City ramp

Life has a funny way of kicking our collective ass when the time is right. Life's not a dick. It's just that it's on you to take things the right way, and you are your own responsibility. Every day is full of possibilities, and will be a goddamn roller coaster every time if you let it. That's why you take the bad with the good, and learn to be a balanced human being. A fucking trapeze artist. When I was a kid, I was scared of coasters, (still get butterflies) but it was because of one insignificant experience which left a bad impression - now, I cannot even remember what happened, but I remember the feeling, and if I understand the slightest bit about how our brains work, I definitely let myself exaggerate that experience to really fucking stupid levels, only to balance it out by forgetting.
The point is, that before getting to the Daly City ramp on this particular day, a very specific set of circumstances had already been put in to place by the people who were present for this session. In one sense, it was just a skate session like any other, but it happened because we all willed it to be so. This may be funny (and it is to me) to talk so highly of a skatepark session, but having been there, I can tell you honestly that the energy was undeniably there. So, I just want to say thank you to everyone who made this a day to remember: Chris (Ratface) Jatoft, Brian Hamm, Curtis Ocampo and Miguel Rodriguez of the #thrasherboyz crew, and finally Adrian Pacis. You all rule.
I suppose that whoever reads these don't care much for paragraphs or sentence structure or punctuation, so I'm gonna quit this while I'm ahead and give you what you want. If you actually read what I say in these posts, then sincerely, thank you for taking the time.
After all, That's all we really have.
Fresh out the gate, Chris launches frontside with a melon. Most 0-100 dude out.
Brian Hamm. Say it again. This guy has impeccable style, and you will see more of him.
Wait a minute, that's not the deck! In a prime example of maximizing one's resources, Chris willed this ledge up onto the the deck - with his mind! Well, yes, but actually with our muscles. I wonder where he got that idea... Blunt fakie. 
Curtis is all about it. Dive in!
I've never seen it before either.
Straight to the pudding - backside boneless back 180 in.
Yes, Chris can still backflip. And yes, he did it completely for himself. And yes, I'm on the wrong side.
Everybody got down! Adrian Pacis getting two trucks on.
Miguel tried to get this back tail for a long time - almost right up until we left. I love perseverance. Next time, homie.
Brian Hamm - nosegrind
Noseblunt, on the pop in
Curtis charged this jammer full force several times to get it just right. There's no cheating yourself into the feeling of doing a trick right and to your own standards. Damn powerful jammer.
Brian - P-jam Melon
Thanks for looking, and thank you skateboarding.

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