Bacon soda, I got bacon soda

Now that I have your attention, let us begin in medias res
Squad in the morning
Heli came to see the action. Too late, homie.
Kobe Morris is only 16 years old, and already proving to be one of the gnarliest dudes around.
Keep an eye out, you'll be seeing a lot more of him shortly.
Speaking of gnar, Moses shows us here what some concrete can do to the human body 
Time for a chill spot. Jose - fakie tre in a line. Chillin
Tony - front crook
My dog.   D'ontae is down as fuck.
Major, back fifty
Johnny getting in a front board. Always keepin' the session going
but sometimes you gotta pay to play
Chris Jatoft slides a back tail over the roller
Hangin on for dear life!
Extra long back smith 
Kobe Morris - smith grind from the hidden quarter

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