VAN'S Girls Combi 2015

Thirty years ago you could fit all the pro female skateboarders on the planet into one Volkswagen Van, and there were no all girl skateboarding contests. None. Thankfully, we've moved somewhat beyond the dark ages as was witnessed on Saturday at the VAN'S Girls Combi Pool Classic 2015. Approximately 40 girls competed in the contest for a total prize purse of $12,000. Noticeably different than the guys contests were fun, brighter colors, more giggling and a lot less knee pad stench. 

The girls skated with the same fervor as their male counterparts. Alana stunned the crowd with huge airs in the round bowl. Lizzie demonstrated her smooth, graceful style which parallels the ever so amazing Stevie Caballero. Allysha planted some beautiful inverts in the square bowl. Julz attacked every curve of the bowl and utilized the hips like no one else. Ten year old Brighton Zuener astonished everyone with an impressive variety of tricks and skill. If she's boosting bs airs this high at this age, imagine where she'll be in a few more years. Poppy Star Olsen, who ended up with stitches to the forehead after a slam during practice, killed it to take first in the 15 and over division.

A huge thanks to Steve Van Doren, also Don Bostick and Danielle Bostick of World Cup Skateboarding for hosting this event. Thanks to Jim Gray for making the creative, unique skate trophies for the 2014 overall point champions, and to Dan Sparagna for donating the photos for them. Thanks to Kristy Van Doren-Batson, Mario Bonaventura, the judges and everyone who donated their time to help promote these awesome athletes. Thanks to Wahoos for providing the grub. 

Judges Don Bostick, Mike Taylor, Jim Gray and Aaron Astorga

Jeff Greenwood, Ray Zimmerman, Jeff Grosso and Micke Alba there to support the ladies. Also in attendance were Cindy Whitehead, Laura Thornhill, Stevie Caballero, Christian Hosoi and Pat Ngoho.

Brighton Zeuner

Zoe Safanda

Poppy Star Olsen

Nicole Noller

Hannah Chumley

Alana Smith

Beverly Flood

Nicole Hause

Amelia Brodka

Lizzie Armanto

Autumn Tust

Arianna Carmona

Am's 14 and Under Division:

1. Birghton Zeuner

2. Spencer Breaux

3. Minna Stess

4. Bryce Wettstein

5. Belle kenworthy

6. Michelle Yoon

Am's 15 and Over Division:

1. Poppy Star Olsen,

2. Jordyn Barratt

3. Autumn Tust

4. Hannah Chumley

5. Paige LaBare

Pro's Division:

1. Alana Smith

2. Lizzie Armanto

3. Allysha Bergado

4. Julz Lynn

5. Arianna Carmona

6. Nicole Hause

 Words and photos by Lorrie Palmos. Thanks for reading. 

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