Ladie's Day at the Berrics

Over the last 6 years, Poseiden Foundation's Ladies Day at the Berrics has witnessed a few female skateboarders come out and pave the way, for many females, from 2-years of age to 60+ years old. On December 20, 2014, Poseiden Foundation had their “6th Annual Ladies Day” with an astounding 70+ females of all ages that attend the 2014, history making event at The Berrics. This year we had females RSVP and bring a canned food item to give to the homeless. We collected over 80+ cans of food and were able to hand them out directly to the homeless in downtown Los Angeles.   

Amelia Brodka

Marissa Martinez

All the females that have showed up through this year  to skate The Berrics  are all  part of creating a legacy and platform for many female skaters around the world. For anyone who may perceive that "nothing is really happening here" with the ladies in the skateboarding industry, Poseiden Foundation has helped to create the conditions to break barriers by teaming -up with companies, media and skate organizations that contribute to expanding skateboarding to all youth and showing the growing outreach of skaters of all ages. With the help of Legend Skateboarder and Poseiden Foundation’s Board of Director Jen O’Brien, connecting with friends Steve Berra and Salman Agah, we were able to  work with The Berrics and become the first foundation to open their doors to female skateboarders in 2009. This has helped bring Poseiden Foundaion Vision come to fruition, which is to “Empower individuals to accomplish their dreams!” Though our mission of having females skate The Berrics seemed far-fetched, the ladies lead by example, and has showed that it is possible to pursue their passion and be recognized for their talent.  

Julie Westfall

Tierra Cobb

In addition to the professional photographers that Poseiden Foundation brought to document the historical event : Lorrie Palmos, Fellipe Francisco, David Safanda, and Don ShefflerThe Berrics film crew documented the event to create and edit of all the girls skateboarding. The filmer was so impressed by the ladies talent and how many females had attended the event, he invited the ladies to return to film more clips the following afternoon! With determination, anticipation, and perseverance  the ladies are shredding and leaving an enduring spirit of respect. Keep an eye out for The Berrics Poseiden Foundations Ladies Day edit! 

Written by Maya Eve






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