Calm down, already

Ahh, the calm before the storm. I'm thinking of course, of a metaphorical storm. Not really like a storm flip, but still with less flips, and more, you know, figure-of-speech-y-ness. What were we talking about again? Right, skateboarding. It seems we've been doing a whole lot of that lately, and frankly, my dear, I'm sick of it.
Said no one ever. Johnny B - powerslide, backside
Daddy gets down. Fresh out the gate, and on my board.
The skate gods must have been smiling
Tony grabs early over the mogul...
and Johnny's right behind! I say the Olympics can have skateboarding, but only if we get mogul doubles and 3 beer time trials.
Back in the haystack, Jose's practicing back smiths in the streets
They come with a side of nollie flip.
 I got you foo!
This guy had it once. I'm not sure what "it" is, and he probably didn't anyways, but he can't be doing too badly with all that chocolate syrup.
Johnny - quick to the overcrook
Yeah, I got it, Leland.

So ready for the monkey. I mean, ahem, next spot.

Sorry for barging the session, dogs
 Jose Ruiz - Noseslide nollie heel
The kid's got potential, I tell ya. Tony Potenti - tailslide front heel.
One more spot is all I could ever ask. Jose Ruiz sneaks in a quick kickflip before the sun sets.
Fremont, it is.
Tony and that damn first try flip...  60% of the time, it works every time

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