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Do you love skateboarding? How about punk rock? There is a good reason why, let me explain. In the late 1970s to early 1980s there were two subcultures starting to percolate beneath the surface, skaters and punks. Skateboarding and punk rock have one key characteristic that bonds them together and that is pure aggression. Keith Meek embodies that connection more than most skaters will ever, and has lived the life to prove it; From hanging out and partying with Black Flag to skating for over 40 years. Keith got his start skateboarding in the Nor Cal underground backyard pool scene in the mid 70’s, then on to Winchester Skatepark in San Jose, CA, by 1977, but in 1979 his family packed up and moved over the hill to Santa Cruz. Without a proper skatepark, Keith was forced to skate what was available, such as the remains of Soquel Skatepark, Derby Skatepark, janky ditches, the streets and various pools including the legendary Buena Vista pool.

(The photo above on the right is Keith stage diving at a Black Flag show at 10th Street Hall, in San Francisco, circa 1980.)

In the late 70’s Keith got Sponsored by Santa Cruz skateboards, a titan of the skateboard industry at the time. Keith continued to progress, not only in pool skating, but also on ramps and in the streets. In 1985 Keith turned pro and his “Slasher” pro model was released to a hungry market. Although the foam core idea that was later adapted to his deck (and by the way wasn’t his creation), along with the Flip tail (which also wasn’t his idea) may have been a flop, the classic Jim Phillips graphics and meek shape are undoubtably legendary.

(Keith laying down frontside grinds at Buena Vista Pool in 1986 and 2013.)

Keith continued to skate throughout the 1980s and still skates to this day, never buying into the trends of the skateboard industry and always staying true to his punk roots. Today, Keith continues to skate and run his company Meekster Brau, a star-studded team of insanely talented transition skateboarders. Most recently Keith has released the first deck from the Meekster Brau brand, which is available on their web store. Click the photo below to check it out.



I remember skating a pool with Meekster next to a hospital!! The 911 pool on Frederick st back in 1980/1981 Mike Carlson….

station 3

station 3

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