John Lucero

Everybody does Slappy grinds these days, and for good reason, Slappys are fun AND gnarley! Getting into a proper Slappy is like magic; it really doesn’t make any sense, yet they work so well and feel so good. The man behind the Slappy is just as illusive and radical as the trick itself, the one and only John Lucero!

John Lucero Grew up in La Mirada, CA near Skate City skatepark, where he learned to skate among legends such as Lance Mountain, Jeff Grosso, and Neil Blender. In the early 80’s, John and Lance Mountain rode for Variflex, where they both turned pro. After that, John rode for Madrid and then for Schmitt Stix until 1988, when he left to start LUCERO LTD. 


In 1991 LUCERO LTD turned into Black Label Skateboard, as it is still called today. Over the years John has sponsored names such as John Cardiel, Jeff Grosso, Ben Schroeder, Gino Iannucci, Jason Adams, Ricky Barnes, and many more.

 Some of Lucero's pro model decks in chronological order:

 John's Part in the 2001 Black Label video "Label Kills":

Today Lucero runs Black Label skateboards full time and still lays down a mean Slappy from time to time. Most recently, John drew a few graphics for Assault Skateboards, Including his own guest model, which are available on our web store!


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