The Day After Christmas

T'was the day after Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring because they were at the skatepark celebrating the end of the friggin holiday chaos. 

Brandon Fields ~ fs ollie

Traffic and spirits were light, which meant the bird was was reserved for the most mindless drivers only. 

Scott Foss ~ bs air

Cab, already acclimated to the warmer climate of his new Southern California home, was a little annoyed with the biting cold NorCal air. It didn't last long. He warmed up in no time.

Steve Caballero ~ decked ~ Scott Foss, Jason Haley, Brandon Fields and Mike Griffin looking on.

Ffej rolled in little like later, all pumped up from his Festivus non-celebration. 

Jeff Hedges 

Jason Haley nailed a couple nice inverts

Some grom made everyone wish Santa brought them some cartilage.

Soon to be known Grom ~ member of the cartilage crew ~ sweet fs crailslide! 

Josh pulled so many tricks I didn't know where to plant myself. He was all over the bowl. 

Josh Rodriguez ~ fs rockslide through the corner 

Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for taking a look. 








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