Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

The first official event at Skate Church went down for the Ugly Sweater Skate Contest. Most of Reno’s shredders came out to worship the board and help donate to make the Church an even more badass place to skate. A freshly built 6 and a half foot quarter took most of the abuse with a table in the middle of the floor. The quarter provided plenty of speed to hit the table, which was in the center of it all. A lot of good shit went down and the high flying action was in full affect. With Creepy Santa, Groms, Moms, and plenty of Skaters the first event was a success. The sponsors CTeam, Elate, Environment, Zunus, 25th Hour and Eternal came through with the prizes. A special thanks to the June family for making it all possible. Video by Ryland Sweigard and all photos by Kyle Volland

Some of the crew that made this a great event. Yep, that's Jason June up front with the red sweater vest.

Skate Church Fundraiser from Tahoe Creative on Vimeo.

Here goes Turkey with the Christ air over Creepy Santa laying on the table. That sentence has literally never been said before.

Chris Deanda gets the backside grab as the festive Colin Web Grover looks on.

Mitch Haight always has as much fun as he goes big and kills it at every event.

Jordan Mullen breaks in the new quarter pipe. Look out soon for posts on Jordan's new backyard paradise called Hoodward.

Trevor Bird flies over Creepy Santa with Jason June giving the shout out.

The one and only George Vargas came to bless the Church. Praise the board!


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