Touchy Feely

Skateboarding is a community of people who aren’t all the same, but have a huge amount of experiences in common. Everyone who’s ever skated seriously has an enormous amount of experiences in common with every other skater. We’ve all slammed, we’ve all been injured, we’ve all been fucked over by a pebble on the sidewalk, dealt with cops and security guards, lit up at the sight of a red curb or a ditch or rolling around the back of a building to find a bank. Peeking over a fence to see that empty pool. Skateboarding’s changed us all. We all completely understand that rush–the feeling of freedom that comes over you the second you step on your board, but none of us can fully explain it to anyone else. Along those lines, here are some people with experiences in common.

Case and Dakota frontside ollie syncronicity

Zack and Riley tucked knees.

CJ and Josh at the same park on different days. Front blunt

Evelyn and Anthony both know how to throw a boneless one

Griffin and Dakota both know the feeling of frontside rocking vert

Maybe it's not exactly the same when you're on vert, but they're still twinsies.

On second thought, maybe the title should be "Todd doesn't do very many camera angles". Either way, we're still all glued together by our shared experiences on something the rest of the world views as a toy or fad or whatev.




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