The Squatch Rail

Once upon a time, in the hills high above Redwood City California, a group of people led by Nicky Gaston made something uniquely crazy. It existed for a single weekend. Start on a jump-ramp turned quarter-pipe, rolling into a wooden rail, or a trick over the gap, or rolling down the 1 foot wide bridge to the 4’ wide plywood landing and then onto a 5 foot quarterpipe. To the left is an almost a vertical slippery, muddy hill. The other side is a 14ft drop onto a slope with a wire fence. The crew that showed up that day wasn’t slowed down one bit by any of this.


Taylor Sieling - back lip

The setup - quarter pipe on the porch to Squatch Rail to quarter-pipe-to-tree. All on the side of a steep hill.

Nicky Gaston - nollie big spin


Alex Valverde - FS Ollie


Sid Enck Jr. - FS crail sweep.


Nicky Gaston - Feeble down


Taylor Sieling - bluntslide


Alex Valverde - Bomb drop



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