Rainy Day Boys

A strange thing happens this time of year. As the days shorten and the air cools, the desire to shred burns stronger than ever. With less daylight, we have to make vital use of all the hours of the day. Suddenly, every excuse melts away, and only thing left to do is to go hit the streets. With the video deadline for Hot Gravy creeping around the corner, everybody wants a piece of the proverbial mashed potatoes. Keep an eye on the print mag and the video itself for more from Da Bears, I mean Da Boys.

What's Johnny pointing out over there?Oh, that. Bob Filming, Moses wondering why he's not on his board
Footy review with daddy. Done, done. Onto the next one.
The next one was kinda wet
All hands on deck for the drying party
While Joe battled it out, Johnny ollied this quick bar across the way
The wet ones are always the best. One more spot?
Joe - Kickflip Nose Manual Nollie Heel
Johnny Banuelos - Switch nose manual off into the night

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