Old Guys Jam

What makes a person old? I'm confused. When I was a kid, it was a person who looked and acted old. Think about it. How many times did you walk up to someone as a child and ask their age before deciding they were old. Never. Most of the time the number was irrelevant. You made the decision because they fit the part. They had gray hair, wrinkles and they moved like and old person. If one or two of these elements were missing it could leave you a little confused. At the OG Jam I saw some gray hair and a few wrinkles, but I didnt see anyone move like an old person. Old guys contest? I don't think so.


Nick Daiello 


Eddie Hadvina


Scott Hostert


Kevin Hewitt


Paul Chestnut


Richard Sanchez



David Davenport


Dan Colburn



Brian Lynch, "What injuries?"                      Richard Sanchez Jamming

Jim Gray, Micke Alba, Randy Aparicio                      Jeff Greenwood


Thanks to Jeff Greenwood and Heidi Lemmon for the countless hours they sacrificed to organize this event. 

Vans Combi 30-39 Division Results:

1) Nick Daiello

2) Tuling Lam

3) Ben Butler

4) Kevin Hewitt

5) Siky Niky

6) Kevin Davis


Vans Combi 40-49 Division Results:

1) Bennett Harada

2) Garrett Shigenaka

3) Dave Davenport

4) Richard Sanchez

5) Dan Colburn

6) Micke Alba

7) Armondo Libertidad

8) Garry Schuck

9) Ryan Endo

10) Brian Lynch

11) Jeff Greenwood

12) Greg Beans

13) Darin Sanders

14) Paul Chestnut

15) Matt Spencer

16) Kenny King

17) Earl Okinaka

18) Andrew Ruiz


Vans Combi 50+ Division Results:

1) Eddie Hadvina

2) Tommy Leggett

3) ShoePad

4) Scott Hostert

5) Greg Garrett

6) Ron Grewohl

7) Rick Stine

8) Jesse Swalley

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