Units of Measure

In September 1999, NASA lost its Mars Climate Orbiter spacecraft, ruining a mission that cost over 655 million dollars. The reason for this loss? One part of the Orbiter calculated propulsion in the Imperial system of pound-seconds of thrust, whereas another part used the international standard metric system of newton-seconds of thrust. 95A, 83B?? 149mm, 02??
Additional units of measure explained:
Miles: Brodys leaping Texas is 119 miles from home
Watt Seconds: Kevin Reynolds, lit by 18ws of light.
Meters: I’d guestemate Dezmin’s altitude to be 1.22 meters above Derby Park
Feet: Taylor Sieling would fall about 14 feet if he were to go off the other side of the ramp instead of sticking a back noseblunt.
Kilojoules: Caleb Vegas stalefish is illuminated by about 0.32 Kilojoules of light.
Megapixels: This image of Meatjuice was captured at 22.5 megapixels
Inches: Tibs Parises board is 38 inches long
Pixels: 2208x1242 pixels is the size at which you would see Jonathan Perillo catch this backside kickflip if you were viewing it via the Skidmark Skatemag app on a unwieldy iPhone 6+.

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