The Contest Thing

Skateboarding is an individual pursuit. You might skate with your homies, but you do it in your own way. In the best sessions, you push each other to go bigger, faster, and so on. That fun sort of competition gets derailed the minute someone calls it a contest. Contests have always been a weird aspect of skateboarding–literally pitting skater against skater to be judged by some bystander who may or may not have relevant knowledge of contemporary skateboarding. People are either into it or not. Here’s a quick look back at a couple of the contests in the Bay Area last summer.

Jacob Calhoun is one of those guys who gives you that roller-coaster stomach feel when you see him in real life, even if contests aren’t his thing.
A lot of people that do well in contests don’t necessarily rip in the wild. Josh Rodriguez is definitely not that. He kills it in a contest or when he’s skating by himself. On his way to 2nd place at the Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Contest at Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark (2014)  
Demarcus - Holy shit! Tim Brauch Memorial Contest at Scotts Valley, CA
Connor Kepp - front hurricane at the Volcom Wild in the Parks contest at Fremont Skatepark.
Terrell Newell ripped the Volcom WITP at Fremont (1st Place) two days before he got 2nd at FTC 4 in SF.

Love it or hate it, someone will always try to make skateboarding into a sport and have a contest. Might as well have fun with it - or not.

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