the TOASTED video

"Thank you to everyone that was involved and helped us make this piece of shit." Dustin Elliker and other Reno skaters put together TOASTED

Photos from the filming of the TOASTED video

Mitch Haight smith grind photo Dane Haman

Nathan Alegria 5050 at UNR photo Dane Haman

The man who put TOASTED together, Dustin Elliker photo Kyle Volland

Mikey Chanez backside disaster at Jordan Mullen's ramp photo Dane Haman

Dustin Elliker, Trevor Bird, and Mikey Chanez

Trevor Bird kickflip 5050 bank to ledge in South Reno photo Kyle Volland

Mitch Haight smith grind at Hug High photo Kyle Volland

Andy Ferguson 5050 photo Dane Haman

Trevor Bird and Alan Chou

Trevor Bird FS bluntslide at Skate Church photo Kyle Volland

Mikey Chanez railslide to fakie on 4th street photo Dane Haman

Mitch Haight invert at the Coop photo Dane Haman

Nathan Alegria, Dalton Kenney, and Mikey Chanez

Mitch Haight FS Bluntslide at the Flat Spot downtown Reno photo Kyle Volland

Nathan Alegria

Mikey Chanez and Newt playing tetris 

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