Let fury have the hour

Anger can be power, did you know that you could use it? Relatively obscure cultural references aside, it's thoroughly true. Whether fueling a civil protest, a bloody revolution, or just motivating yourself after a primo landing, anger makes the seemingly impossible possible. Skateboarding is 90% mental. It's a battle against yourself for 100% commitment in the face of at least a decent chance of injury. It'l make you go mental too, in the straightjacket sense, but only temporarily. Actually, people who see us in the midst of a battle in the streets must think we're completely insane - yelling at inanimate objects is my personal favorite. Still, through and through we turn out to be relatively sane people. Moreso even, I would argue, than the 9-5ers, although there's heavy overlap these days. The value of doing something you truly love without the impetus of cash flow or recognition is a powerful thing, and getting up from a harsh hang-up or the bottom of the stairs to do it all over again builds character through determination. Skateboarding is an island. None of this shit truly  makes sense to people who have never experienced it, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Kobe Morris - Switch Backside Smith Stall
Dmondre Webster - Varial Flip.
Lee Goldberg - Back D, some time ago
Jason Ross - Switch Ollie

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