Dia de los Moving - Cab's send-off

First off - Welcome to Tranny love - put a little spice in your life, it's nothing to be ashamed of. 

By now, most of you know that SJ hometown hero Stevie Caballero has relocated to SoCal. Carlsbad, to be exact. He did make it by Fremont Skatepark for one last session though.

Still got it.

Brandon Lasko - back Smith

Kevin Reynolds is about to make a loud noise

Jordan Richter took time out from judging the Volcom Wild in the Parks street contest to take a few runs.

Chris von Blohn went ATV. Back lips on the rail in the contest to back tailslides on vert.

Autograph seekers AWOL form the street contest

Cab and Matt Ritchie

See you in SoCal.

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