We dem boys

What boys, you ask? Well, I could think of any number of adjectives, but "dem" seems to be the most appropriate at the moment. Mostly, I think we're just stoked boys. Stoked to be out riding planks of wood while people all over are hating their jobs, their wives, and their investment portfolios. We refuse to grow old with time, and that's a powerful thing. Actually, that's the holy grail, isn't it? People have gone on quests and crusades for hundreds and thousands of years searching for the elixer of life - that panacea for all of life's ills, and here we've stumbled upon the closest damn thing in the form of wood, metal, and urethane. So, cheers to skateboarding, and cheers to never becoming miserable old cunts at heart.


Switch Wallie of eternal youth - Jason Ross
Switch Biggie - Joe Sudduth
First try, of course - Moses Salazar
Beanplant polejam into the rafters - Nike Milon
Switch jam front 3 - Jason
Dem boys

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