Don's Ramp

Don's Ramp Story... (Reno, NV)

     My son was born at St. Mary's in Reno. I grew up in Santa Cruz, skating and surfing so the first thing I did when he was old enough was build a mini ramp for us to skate in our backyard. Eventually—over the years, it came to be known as Don's ramp. As my boy grew so did the ramp. As our bag of tricks got bigger, the ramp got bigger—to the point where we had the perfect mini ramp to shred and rip.
   Over this last five years we have met so many cool people and rad skaters from this town and from other surrounding areas. So many local rippers have come through my back gates and completely annihilated and ripped my ramp apart along with all the rippers that showed up from surrounding areas. It has led to so many BBQ sessions, contests we've thrown and even the time when Eternal and the Blood Wizards came and did a demo and hung out all day ripping the ramp with all the locals—handing out T-shirts and stickers.
   But really, some of the most fun sessions that went down are the ones that we didn't plan-- where people just start showing up and a session just starts growing and the Slayer starts playing as loud as it can go out of the speakers on the roof and everybody is just killing it and hanging out, drinking beer and having a good time.
   It's kind of become a “spot”, not just a mini ramp in my backyard. We've been able to use it to progress in our skating and do something for skateboarding in our town by throwing events every once in a while. From the waffle bacon jam breakfast sessions to the local grom contest to all the barn burner BBQ sessions to the demo by Blood Wizard's skateboard team did.
   It seems like I have witnessed every trick in the book go down on my mini ramp and local photographers like Kyle Volland and Mike Huntsman have captured a lot of the shredding / tricks / good times in photos throughout the years.
   I am proud to have met people like Collin Web Grover, to be involved and ride for C-Team skateboards and my son is now involved and riding for Environment Skateboards and all this is sort of-kind of been made possible from building the mini ramp in our backyard and being able to progress in our skating and meet all these cool people along the way. It's a journey that really is just beginning and I'll keep you posted. Text by Don Walters

On Don's Ramp, Don Walters does the invert like no one else - photo Kyle Volland

Photo of Tyler DeWitt in the Fayuca skateboards Ad in Skidmark issue #5.75 - photo Kyle Volland

Joey Pranin smith grind view from the roof - SHOT! by Huntsman

Kyle Shifflett takes full advantage of the extension - photo Kyle Volland

Jamey Linker never slows down not even on this sweeper - SHOT! by Huntsman

Boozer Daly gnarly as always - photo Kyle Volland

Jimi Damone frontside flippin - photo Kyle Volland

Gabe "Chode" Saxon backside noeblunt - SHOT! by Huntsman

Colin Web Grover leans back on this rock and roll - photo Kyle Volland

Peyton Wilson boneless tail on the crowded platform - SHOT! by Huntsman

Up high with Sun Valley Joe's frontside air - SHOT! by Huntsman

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