R.I.P. Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers born June 8, 1933, Brooklyn, NY

Joan Rivers was legendary comedian. Comedian you say? You might only know her from the E Channel but Joan is a true pioneer for comics and not just women comics either.

Joan wrote best seller books, hosted TV shows and Movies. She defiantly made the most of life and lived it to the fullest. Her frequent appearances on the Howard Stern show truly made her a favorite in the Skidmark office. Will miss you Joan! R.I.P.

Joan died today September 4, 2014 we wanted to pay tribute to her Skidmark Style so we had Bobby Brown draw this up. Joan please come back from the dead like Jesus and make us laugh some more.

art by Bobby Brown. Not the Bobby Brown that killed Whitney Huston. Its a different one. Not saying the other Bobby Brown Murdered Whitney just saying he got her doing drugs and wrecked her life. She had some pipes on her before you got her smoking crack.  Its a different Bobby.

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