Santa Monica Airlines: The Forgotten Years

                    Santa Monica Airlines is a deeply rooted skateboard company with over 30 years of history. Sponsoring riders such as Jay Adams, Natas Kaupas, Jim Thiebaud along the way. The era of those guys is for sure the most famous and for good reason, but today we are going to talk about a seemingly most forgotten era in SMA's history, the early 90s. In 1991 with the release of their first video "Debunker", SMA started going in a new direction and appealing to a new audience. The team was a jam packed with some of the most talented up and coming street skaters at the time such as Alan Peterson, Karma Tsocheff, Corey Chrysler, Nick Foster, Ron Whaley, Jason Adams, Israel forbes and Tim Brauch, just to name a few. SMA released two more videos under NHS, "Freedom of Chioce" and "Video Numero Tres"; although both amazing videos, they didn't have the power that Debunker seemed to have. Never the less, SMA's riders where top contenders in contests and were in all over the magazines. The company and the team seemed to be at the top of their game...

Here are some Ad's and video parts from the "golden age" of SMA:

Two early SMA (NHS) ad's featuring Julien Stranger and Brandon Chapman (1990).

Two early Alan Peterson ad's (1991).

Karma Tsocheff; backside noseblunt (1991) and Corey Chrysler; triple set ollie (1991).

Karma Tsocheff in SMA's "Debunker" (1991).

Tim Brauch; blunt stall to big spin and a crooked grind (1992).

Tim Brauch; nose blunt and Jason Adams; pop shuvit (1992)

Ron Whaley; backside lipslide and an ollie (1992).


Ron Whaley in SMA's "Freedom of Choice" (1992).


Israel Forbes; ollie at derby on the mystical "Israel hip" (1992).

Israel Forbes; mystery flip (1993) and a frontside noseslide (1994). 

But like anything good, SMA had to come to an end. Starting with the loss on Corey Chrysler, Alan Peterson and Karma Tsocheff as they left to start Consolidated in 1992. Then in 1994 NHS decided to call it quits on SMA and it went back into the hands of Skip Engblom. The team was offered spots on other NHS affiliated companies and the rest is history. Jason adams (right^) joined the newest NHS brand at the time, Creature Skateboards and Ron Whaley, Tim Brauch, and Israel Forbes went to Santa Cruz Skateboards.

And that was the end. Just as quickly as it came, it left. 

thankfully it had a longer life under the NHS umbrella than SIMS, but we will talk about that next time!



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Karma Tsocheff

Thank you for the walk down memory lane very enjoyable seems like another lifetime

Karma Tsocheff

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