Corey Chrysler

Corey Chrysler was a big man with an even bigger ollie. Growing up in Santa Cruz, CA, Corey began skating with local legends such as Israel Forbes, Ron Whaley, Nick Foster, Robert Oliveira and many more. By the time Corey was 16 he was already skating for top companies such as Real skateboards and Thunder trucks, But it wasn't until he rode for SMA that he finally started making waves in the skateboard industry. Chrysler's breakout part in the 1991 Santa Monica Airlines video "Debunker", in which he shared with his close friend Nick Foster, was the first time many people heard Corey's name, but it definitely wasn't the last. In 1992 Corey left SMA with other NHS affiliates Jason Jesse, Karma Tsocheff, Alan Peterson, Steve Keenan and Birdo to start Consolidated Skateboards, were he was turned pro. Corey had a pro model for Consolidated until around 1994-95, when he left to focus more on his family. In 1997-98' Corey had a few more pro models for Consolidated, but again left to focus on his family. After skateboarding, Corey began diving into his creative and artistic side, building custom low riders and also tattooing. In a unexpected and unfortunate turn of events earlier this year Corey Chrysler passed away. Although he is gone, the mark he left, not only on Santa Cruz, but on skateboarding as a whole will never be forgotten. Many people will be remembered for being great skateboarders, but Corey Chrysler will go down in history as a legend.

Melon Wheel Grab (1991) and a portrait.

The worlds first Ollie down the Santa Monica triple set (1991) and a portrait.

Ollie (1992).

Transworld "check out" and a portrait after being attacked by a police K-9 (1992).

Portrait (Corey on the left).

The first Consolidated ad (Corey on the left) (1992) and Corey with his first pro model (1992).

Ollie at Derby skatepark (1992) and a Daredevil wheels ad (1993).

Ollie over post (1992) and Ollie over trash can (Derby park) (1997) for venture trucks ads.

Consolidated ad with his son Corey Chrysler Junior (1998) and a portrait of Corey Chrysler Junior now (2014).

An example of Corey's first graphic (1992) on a tee shirt and my own personal one (on the right).

Some of Corey's pro models over the years for Consolidated (not in chronological order).

A mock up for a board graphic drawn by Corey himself (never produced), his first pro model (1992) and Corey's Consolidated team mate Karma Tsochef riding a Corey Chrysler pro model board.

These tags at Derby Skatepark in Santa Cruz, CA were done by Corey days before his untimely passing.

A memorial piece done in Corey's honor and a piece done in memory of Corey and Nick Foster (R.I.P.)

Nick Foster grew up with Corey and even shared a part with him in the Santa Monica Airlines video Debunker (1991). Here are two photos of Nick's classic Ollie.

Corey was not only a Professional skateboarder and a talented artist, He was a family man. On the left is a photo of Corey, his wife Kat, his daughters Bunny and Angel and his son Corey Junior and on the left is a portrait of Corey and Corey Junior.

Bunny, Kat, Angel and Corey Junior in front of their home (2014)

If you are in Santa Cruz California tonight, August 7th 2014, Come by the Catalyst Club for a Corey Chrysler memorial concert, featuring The Highway Murderers, The Chop Tops and many more.

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