Mario Rubalcaba

               Hailing out of Vista, CA, Mario Rubalcaba was a poster boy for the birth of modern street skating. Residing in Southern California, Mario grew up skated with such popular names as Matt Hensley, Steve Ortega, Ned Hadden, Brennand Schoeffel and many more. Mario turned pro for Alva in 1990, fitting the white boy dreadlocks and leather jacket look they had made famous in the late 80’s.

Mario's part from the 1990 Alva video; watch the whole thing for a history lesson from the one and only Ned Hadden.
Invert and No Comply Wallride (1990)
Tail Grab (1990)
"Check out" and Bluntslide (1990)
Smith Grind (1990) and Melon (1991)
Some of Mario's Magazine Covers: (1990) (1991) (1992)
Some of Mario's pro models in chronological order.
Crooked Grind (1991) and BS Tail Slide (1992)

In 1991 Alva put together a team of their promising street skaters, knowing that street skating was the future; This team was New School Skateboards. Mario was transferred to the New School skateboards team along with fellow skaters Jason Corbett, Fred Smith, Justin Lynch and Mark “Hosse” Hossetter.

 Pressure Flip Lipslide (1992)

Nollie (1994) and Nollie Tail Slide (1994)
Nollie (1992)

Rubalcaba skated for New School until 1993 when he left to ride for ATM Click Skateboards, headed by Mark Gonzales. In 1994 Mario quit professional skateboarding to play music full time. Mario had been a drummer since he was a young child and had played in many bands while he was a profesional skater such as 411, Chicano-Christ and Earthless. Today Mario skates for Assault skateboards and drums for OFF, a widely successful San Diego punk band featuring former Black Flag singer Keith Morris.


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