Sneak a peek

I must say, I'm pretty stoked on the new issue. If you happened to be at Agenda this past week, and had the pleasure of resting your tukhus on the golden throne, perhaps you've already seen the mag, and this exposition may well have been a waste of your time. If, on the other hand, you don't jive with trade shows, or even boogie, then you're in for some shameless self promotion internet style. See, they alway's get ya, don't they... 

For many years, I've shot a fair amount of film when skating, (read: wasted a fair amount of clams on skating) and I'm pretty stoked to show a collection of recent analog images in the latest issue, 5.5. So, when you get your hands on one, I sincerely hope you will enjoy the article - words and photos and all - and shit, you might even learn a thing or two next time you're on the throne. 

Here are a few that didn't make the cut, Cheers. 



J-Ro and Daniel Miranda

Tony Potenti - Ollie to street

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