Ray Barbee

       Not many professional skateboarders, even legendary guys, have the following that Ray Barbee has. Barbee came into the skateboarding mainstream in 1988 after Powell's "Public Domain" video released. His ragdoll board, a late 80's classic, was a board that influenced a generation of kids to get out and do some no-complys and nose picks. Barbee rode for Powell Peralta until 1991 when he and Lance Mountain left to start The Firm skateboards. Ray ripped his way through the 90's and into the 2000's, but unfortunatly in 2006 The Firm skateboards went out of business. Nowadays Ray rides for Element skateboards and plays guitar professionally as well. Here are some of Ray's photos and video parts from the past:

Some of Rays pro models in chronological order:






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