Travel and the art of being down


When we were younger, skateboarding made it easy to make friends. Most of us were weirdos by some measure, but If you saw someone wearing torn up shoes, you could make a number of inferences about them, and strike up a conversation on that alone. Skateboarding has a remarkable way of bringing together like-minded people who are simple down; down to push themselves, have a good time, and travel in the search of new adventures. The world is becoming ever smaller, and making connections across the globe is now commonplace. Skateboarding puts us in a unique position to travel with purpose. Even if that purpose simply to have fun, we are guided by what we love. The photos below are from a session like any other, but Jarrad, Jason, and Ilja are from New Zealand, southern California, and Boston respectively. Years of skateboarding brought us all to this moment, and otherwise, I doubt that any of us would have ever met. Skateboarding gives us a damn good reason to explore the world.


Jarrad Carlin - Front Boardslide

Jason Ross - Front Crook 

Ilja Maran - Front Nosegrind. 

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